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Flipside of Joe Colombo and His Real Alleged Killers

Let’s be honest, who better to know somebody than his own son, right? When I decided to read and review the book Colombo written by his son Anthony Colombo, and author Don Capria I was intrigued. Because, I read plenty of books that detail what Joe C was like running the Colombo organized crime family. […]



Author and Publisher of Mob Candy Magazine Frank DiMatteo Releases Story About Life In The Mafia

You have heard about him as a publisher of the first and only magazine designed to appeal to the Mafia addicts. As seen on VH1’s reality TV show Mob Wives, Frank DiMatteo’s Mob Candy Magazine sold over 100,000 copies of the 8 issues that hit the Barnes and Noble store, and news stands. Amazing actors […]


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