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Al Capone & Frankie Yale Are Coney Island Criminals


Man, a few days ago a pal of mine Joe ‘hat’ calls me to say he has a kid working for him who works on a mob related project he thinks is a good fit for me. I don’t ask no questions. Joe hats word is good enough, so he puts this kid Dennis on the phone who starts talking about an audience-interactive play in Coney Island Brooklyn about Capone, Yale, and how Al got his scarface. A guy he knows Dick Zigun created it. Turns out this guy Dick created, and founded a bunch of projects out of Coney. In fact, he started the famous mermaid parade.  Immediately, I wanted to see this play.

He made 5 tickets appear through magic, and I went there with my father in law Frankie D, my wife Krissy, my mother, and brother in law too. I had my trusty media recorder with me, a camera, and a pen and pad. Mob Candy and MafiaLife were in the building. We had a few Coney Island Mermaid Lagers, and took our seats. Reading the program I learned this play was staged in a bar in the Harvard Inn, where Clara Bow, and Jimmy Durante started thier entertainment careers.

Let me just say. Imagine a very well entertaining action filled play that tells the story of when Capone meets Yale, in a social club bar where Bow and Jimmy Durante entertain the patrons. How he connected with Yale, as a hoodlum, and created his bones. How he gets his face cut for looking at a chicks ass. And, how he pretty much leaves Brooklyn to go to Chicago. Only make sure you also imagine fantastic singing, funny punchlines, gunshots that kill the audience, and being abused physically by flying spaghetti. Click here for a gallery of pics we took.

It is my serious recommendation,  that anybody who has a smart bone in thier body, a few connections in the NYC Broadway or off broadway scene, or some money people that owe them a favor, should take this act to NYC. And, since I told you so, I want my name on the assistant executive producers credit.

Dick Zigun produces tons of other acts, and already has a bunch of follow up plays after Coney Island Criminals runs it’s course. His next play may be a continuation of the next phase in time during the Capone era. A to be continued type story. And much more coming soon. To buy tickets, or to check out details on other shows or attractions, and get more info on how to contact Dick for any reason (especially if your the person who is taking it all to NYC like it deserves) go to

Click here to listen to an interview we did with creator Dick Zigun. Well, not actually an interview, but a really cool conversation that we happen to record. If you listen closely, there is a secret message.


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