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Anthony “The Little Guy” Graziano

You can watch his daughter Renee Graziano who is one of the stars of the popular reality show on VH1 called Mob wives, which shows the everyday aspects of the women who are associated to the men in the business but have nothing to do with it! Anthony is currently incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn while awaiting trial for conviction charges that entails violations in New York and Florida for bookmarking aka murder of a rival gangster, conspiracy to commit murder and illegal gambling to investment fraud.

“In 1994, Graziano ordered his crew to find and kill John Pappa and Calvin Hennigar, both mobsters with the Colombo crime family. On one occasion, the two men had fired shots inside a topless bar in Staten Island owned by Graziano, wounding one patron. An enraged Graziano had sent his Brooklyn crew hunting for them. However, Graziano later met with Colombo family representatives and agreed on a settlement to the problem. Graziano called off the murder order, but in 2002 he would be indicted on two counts of murder conspiracy due to this episode.”

New York mobster Anthony Graziano and formerly ranked consigliere of the Bonanno crime family inveterate performing racketeering, extortion, loansharking, narcotics and murder, his investment scams, carefully disguised by the once successful Bulls and Bears Fund, defrauded customers out of $11.7 million.

Renee’s ex-husband Hector “Junior” Pagan turned himself over to authorities for armed robbery and brandishing a weapon in a 2009 incident. Turns out to avoid jail time Pagan made a deal with the FEDs wearing a wire while speaking with his former father-in-law. Having reconciled the hurt and betrayal of the father of her son AJ, all three are in the witness protection program.


4 Responses to Anthony “The Little Guy” Graziano

    • Wow..Rene’s busband Hec-tor..junior is a rat..n snitched on his own father in law.who he was associated with and doing crimes with. the real Graziano italiano mobster..wearing wires..???.wow what a shame. Smh

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  2. Junior what a rat, could do the crime but can’t do the time, the two people he loves h hurt the most, Rene and her kid A.J., have no sympathy for this mutt, marry the bosses daughter for advancement, did you think you were joining a frat house, not to much honor is left, the old guard is fading away, now left with drug addicted psychophants.

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