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Author and Publisher of Mob Candy Magazine Frank DiMatteo Releases Story About Life In The Mafia

You have heard about him as a publisher of the first and only magazine designed to appeal to the Mafia addicts. As seen on VH1’s reality TV show Mob Wives, Frank DiMatteo’s Mob Candy Magazine sold over 100,000 copies of the 8 issues that hit the Barnes and Noble store, and news stands. Amazing actors such as Armand Assante, Frank Vincent, Vincent Pastore, and Gianni Russo graced the cover. And then the magazine took a back seat to a more important project, with a stronger meaning.

Very few can tell an accurate story about a time in life where The Gallo Crime family was formed, and pushing it’s way to organize crime fame. A time when it was a bunch of criminally minded pals on the streets of South Brooklyn. A time when those kids called themselves The President Street Boys. Frank DiMatteo has the insight from being part of that crew. His father was a hitman, and together they made history with Joe, Al, and Larry Gallo, and many other names that only the true crime die hard fans even heard of.

“The problem is that everything is centered around Joey Gallo. Writers, screenplay writers and book writers, they get lost in Joey Gallo. And they don’t realize there was a whole crew. Joey is just a figurehead, or main character amongst 60 guys.” says Frank in his latest interview with CrimeSpree Magazine.

Frank DiMatteo tells of a life in The President Street Boys that has never been told, and reveals a few tidbits of info that can easily get him killed.

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