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Best Way To Pair A Cigar To What Spirit You Should Drink With It

We had a party, and my father in law breaks out his usual Dewers and water drinks. And, I am sipping a good coniac and smoking a java with it, and I literally stop in my tracks to tell my father in law how the 2 did not mix. I actually did not like the java stick while drinking the coniac, yet after I took a shot of his whiskey the chemistry was alot more enjoyable.

We began one of our talks about our ideas that someday should make us rich, and I recall my wife interrupt us, and say ” what you should do is figure out a way to let people do a search for what drinks go with what cigar”, and we both chuckled and said not bad. My wife was on to something.

Can you believe when I googled the idea to find out if anyone had the genius idea first, there was already a tool out there that perfectly pairs your spirit with your cigar. I mean, you actually plug in a specific type of drink, and some details about the drink, and it does a search that results in the best possible cigar you should smoke with that drink. In fact, the tool even asks what activity you are doing, so it can make sure the cigar fits the drink, and the experience you are having.

Pretty cool, no? See for yourself if you don’t believe me. Click here to play around with the tool that pairs your drink with the cigar you should smoke with it. I guess I am not going to get rich of the idea. But, I wouldve have to split it with my wife anyway. The good news is, my cigars are smoked with the proper drink now.

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