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Author and Publisher of Mob Candy Magazine Frank DiMatteo Releases Story About Life In The Mafia

You have heard about him as a publisher of the first and only magazine designed to appeal to the Mafia addicts. As seen on VH1′s reality TV show Mob Wives, Frank DiMatteo’s Mob Candy Magazine sold over 100,000 copies of the 8 issues that hit the Barnes and Noble store, and news stands. Amazing actors [...]


Your Chance To Help Small Cigar Business NOW!

There is currently a bill in Congress that directly affects cigar smokers AND will also have an effect on non-smokers as well.  HR 792  has been put forth to redefine “premium” cigars and protect the small businesses that are involved in both the manufacture and sales of cigars.  As of this moment, the bill has [...]


Stoonad, Italian For Stupid: Mafia RPG Reality Show

MafiaMob was the first ever Mafia Social Site and Game on the web. Launched in 1999, MafiaMob features a fun social game, web episodes, chat rooms, and message boards. We were “Social” before the term “Social Site” even existed! Our current ground-breaking idea titled “STOONAD” is ready for funding to broadcast on the web. We [...]