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Pinup Model Cherry Belle, and her Belles Celebrate Real Beauty Of All Shapes And Sizes

We here at MafiaLife believe that standing up and accepting realism, regardless of the pressure you get to confine to a specific standard to fit in, is pure gangster. In our candy section, we will introduce people who send a powerful message, and who exhibit the courage to be strong as themselves. Today we bring [...]


MafiaLife Mobsters, Wiseguys, & Gangster Profile: Frank Abbandando (A.K.A. “The Dasher”)

Frank “The Dasher” Abbandando (1910-42). One of the most feared of professional killers, he worked from the later 1020′s and through the 1930′s as a hired killer for Murder, Inc. And, as the chief lieutenant of Harry “Happy” Maione, rackets boss of Ocean Hill, N.Y. He fell early into street crime, and while in his [...]


Publisher of Mob Candy Frank DiMatteo Pens Life Story w/ Gallo Crew

Below you can read some of the introduction to Frank DiMatteo’s new book “The Lion In The Basement”, coming winter of 2014: I guess you can say each person has a choice of which road to follow in life, sometimes you don’t have the power to make that choice. In my case, life came at [...]