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[Prize Pack Giveaway] “The Family” Movie W/ Robert De Niro 8/13/13

I know I’m not the only one who is dying to see De Niro’s newest role in the movie ‘The Family’. Seeing Pfeiffer, Agron, and Tommy Lee Jones just adds to the excitement. Im certainly going to review the movie when I go see it. And what blog better to discuss a Mob themed comedy, […]


MafiaLife Facebook Game Event Supports G-Thing T.V. Show

On Wednesday July 24th a long time friend of the game MafiaLife on Facebook has exploded onto our television screens with his new hit show “G-Thing”. Italian Hip Hop Movement mogul Robert Scalere,  AKA GFella, who has blessed the game with an amazing rap song titled “Mafia Life Dot Com“, has been creating rap songs […]