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Flipside of Joe Colombo and His Real Alleged Killers

Let’s be honest, who better to know somebody than his own son, right? When I decided to read and review the book Colombo written by his son Anthony Colombo, and author Don Capria I was intrigued. Because, I read plenty of books that detail what Joe C was like running the Colombo organized crime family. We all read books and watched shows on what he did as the boss.  But, many of us lack the knowledge of Joe Colombo that only his own son can see. And from talking to those involved in this book, I knew it was not another squeal all book. This book was written to show a different side. The side of a father, a civil rights defender, and a man who said we are all Americans first, regardless of nationality.

Capria does an amazing job taking all the info Anthony gave him about his dad and giving us a very interesting understanding of some life lessons a father in the life of crime can teach his son. Anthony Colombo defends his father as someone  who defended civil rights of Italian individuals in New York City. Joe Colombo worked hard to fight the stereotype that all Italian Americans were mobsters. And eventually he was murdered for it. Some say Joey Gallo did it. Some say Carlo Gambino had him killed. But, this book will grant you compelling evidence from Anthony’s perspective of why it was most likely The CIA and/FBI who played most the part.

It’s a must read for all mob enthusiasts. It is finally a book who lets you into the life outside of the glorified movie shit. I am giving it 8 out of 10 pinky rings. Grab a copy of Colombo: The Unsolved Murder for yourself by clicking here.

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  1. Joe Columbo was no civil rights champion.He saw the Italian-American Civil Rights League as nothing more than another way to make money by shaking down Italian American business men,restaurant owners and shop owners and anyone else he could squeeze a buck out of.

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