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G-Thing Review: Episode 6 (PhotozbyLee & These2Hands)


You guys dont know this, but Gfella’s wife is a professional make up artist. And, Johnny Thurzday’s wife is a professional photographer. Who am I kidding, im wrong, you all knew that already, because your fans of G-Thing. And, you have been following the cast.

What you really dont know is how Gfella, and Johnny Thurzday were going to react when they walked in on thier wives and thier next model client. You would think there would be no problem, only this model was naked. Yup, I said naked. That means no clothes. And the guys were pissed! Would you be?

It seems, the girls were pretty much ready to get even at the guys for when they did that goomada video with all those scantily clad women all over them. And this is how they did it. And it worked. It flipped these guys so bad, they went to a life coach for advise, and ended up being forced to hug other men, and talk thier feelings out. Weird but funny as fuck.

In the end it helped them both understand how to relate to thier wives, and they all sat down, shared feelings, to come to a loving understanding on how they need to stay open with one another. They made up, naturally. And, the flowers didnt hurt either.

Any episode putting so much time into my 2  friends Johnny, and Lee has to get 10.00 cannolis on the gangster rating scale. This was a perfect episode.

Check out Lee’s photography here, and Laura Melissa’s work here. They both do amazing work.


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