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Getting In A Little Therapy With Nomad’s Newest Stick

I recently received a package including Nomad Cigars’ newest release, Therapy. As I looked it over, I wondered why this particular stick was in my mailbox. I normally go for a darker Maduro stick, and this one was wrapped with a Habano wrapper leaf. Trouble on the rise? Should I smoke it, or give it to my next smoking guest? I decided to give it a whirl as a “work cigar” and fired it up as I rolled out on my Monday morning route.

The Atmosphere:

For myself and millions of other blue collar workers in America, Monday is a rough day. I come in almost two hours earlier than any other day and usually have an above-average workload. To be blunt, there’s no better day for me to have a cigar to set the mood for my day.

The Look:

As I mentioned before, this stick did not look like my daily smoke. It had a light Habano wrapper and was a Robusto. Anyone who knows me knows I prefer Maduro wrappers and have a “bigger is better” philosophy. Being a fan of Nomad, I also immediately noticed the band was somewhat plain compared to the normal bands put out by Fred (@Godfadr).  I had to admit though, the stick felt as solid as anything I’d ever smoked from Nomad. I remembered the price point as being around $7.50 and assumed that had a little something to do with less flash on the band.

The Smoke:

As soon as I lit the Therapy, my taste buds were pounded with a blend of spice that blew me away. Here it was, 7:00 in the morning and I was wondering if I’d started off the day a little too strong. The flavor quickly balanced, mixing with a creamy flavor that made everything alright. The draw was smooth and light, with a nice body of smoke. As I beat my way across Interstate 10, even the ash proved to be stronger than the beating my truck was giving out. Even with a window down at 65 mph, the burn stayed even.

Toward the middle of the cigar, I was wondering why I ever doubted I’d like something from Nomad. I realize that it’s only tobacco (as I’ve said many times before), but occasionally a master gets their hands in the mix and blows my mind. Nomad did it with Therapy.  My only regret at the end of this stick was that I didn’t have more.


Summing It All Up:

I have to admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong about this stick being something I would regret firing up. From beginning to end, it brought me nothing but pleasure. The price point is perfect for a working man, the construction is impeccable and the flavor just keeps on giving until the very end.

The Numbers:

Appearance: 85

Flavor: 95

Construction: 100

Price Point: 90

Overall Rating: 93


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