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Interview w/ Mob Wife Karen Gravano Hits VH1

Daughter of ex-mobster, and star of the hit reality show ‘Mob Wives’ on VH1 Karen Gravano is on the latest copy of Mob Candy Magazine’s issue #7. MafiaLife Chris, from caught up with her during the photo shoot to ask her some tough questions, and the VH1 crew was there filming. Episode 7 showed that shoot, and some of those hard questions we asked Karen. Check out the clip we put together of the interview, and see how she reacts.  The clip even made on VH1′s ‘Best Moments of Episode 7‘ section:


2 Responses to Interview w/ Mob Wife Karen Gravano Hits VH1

  1. One of the nicest full figured woman,I’ve seen in a long time.Where can I purchase the photos of her in the blue dress.Very,very sexy.That sure made my day,thanks karen.

  2. I think Karen was being honest how she felt about her dad and I love her cuz she’s loyalty and doesn’t take any bullshit with no one?!

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