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Lucky Luciano’s Signet Ring on Pawn Stars?

Monday night on the History Channel’s reality series Pawn Stars – a would-be seller walked in and claimed to have Charles “Lucky” Luciano’s signet ring.

In case you missed this episode, here’s the lowdown:

Pawn shop owner Rick Harrison was approached by a man holding an ornate gold ring, and ready to give an elaborate story behind it.  The ring, embellished by a devil’s face and ruby eyes,  he said, had been in his mother’s possession for forty years.  Why? Well, the seller continued with a tale of how his mom was entrusted by people of authority to hide the ring so other underworld factions would not shed blood over it.  Apparently, as he explained further, the ring signified being a ‘boss’.

Well, being that Rick Harrison’s pawn shop is in Las Vegas, as is The Mob Museum, an expert was called in to examine the piece.

Basically, there wasn’t much to go on.  The expert asked questions such as; Any documentation? Any photos? Anything to corroborate the story?

As you can imagine… aside from the seller’s fascinating story… there was nothing else to prove this ring had anything to do with Luciano.

Rick Harrison had to decline making an offer for the item.

Here’s the VIDEO on Huffington Post!

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Christian Cipollini is a freelance entertainment & mob history writer,  Co-Founder of Knokaround Apparel, and author of Diary of a Motor City Hit Man: The Chester Wheeler Campbell Story


52 Responses to Lucky Luciano’s Signet Ring on Pawn Stars?

    • That’s what the Mob Museum curator asked the seller, but to no avail. If this ring was indeed Luciano’s… somebody will probably – eventually – address this mystery. However, in my research and in some of the more rare photographs I’ve acquired – I’ve not yet seen such a ring on Lucky’s hand. Interesting nonetheless.

    • really y would there b any documents on this,i remember reading the book of this man and there was 12 black nd white pictures of everyone now i no i seen this ring in one of the pictures,and it did resemble the boss

  1. A ring this significant would never have been worn, not in public atleast. To be identified as a boss or a holder of a position of power was almost taboo to the old schoolers.

  2. H’ow About Lansky’s hand. The guy seemed genuinely nervous. I don’t think rick wanted that ring in his shop.

  3. After all these years, and so much history of the mob. I think by now someone would have heard something about a mysterious ring. I don’t believe its really his. As much that is known about the mob, and never have you heard anything about a ring.

  4. Hello this guy clearly had mental problembs he was like a 48 year old man with the imaginary mind of a 5 year old.The whole story was B.S. He just wanted attention and to feel importaint so he made up the whole thing. Look at the hiking stick he is carrying in his hand not normal at all? He is some creepy mental case looking for 5 minutes of fame.The ring looked more gothic revival 1890′s nothing to do wit the mob at all. They should have directed the guy to the mental ward.

    • I don’t know bud that ring looked Italian made. And you are naive if you think satan worship doesn’t run deep amongst powerfull people in the world. This guy defenitly believed what he was saying. And he didn’t strike me as someone with mental problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Lucky Luciano’s ring.

  5. I believe it could be real but as already stated it would be something he would never be seen wearing. This is something he would have locked away in a safe not easily accessible due to the meaning of this ring. It’s what it proves to have possession not the value of the actual ring. I’m sure some older mob guys who will never be publicaly seen or known know about this ring and it’s history. But we will never find out about this

  6. If it were real, it would have been unmistakably perfect. This looks like it came from a gumball machine. It would have been very intricate and clean. No doubt at all it is phony.

    • excuse me, it could very well be real…it appeared to be rose and yellow gold , with ruby eyes and a nice diamond; however, many jewelers make/have made rings for specific people per their designs. Being married to a jeweler and seeing many unusual pieces thru the years, i do not doubt it what-so ever…definitely NOt out of a gumball machine, LOL!

  7. I have been looking for that ring I bought at the renaissance fair 20 years ago!! We used to give it to the “Dungeon Master” to sport every time we’d play D&D. :p

  8. This ring is gold with ruby eyes and a diamond center piece. The devil was roaming the earth and smuggled it through customs (in his anus) at JFK airport. Before returning to hell, Satan left this ring with a prostitute he used to sell in that shitty part of town. I don’t know anything about the ring’s connection to the mob, but the rest of the guy’s story sounds right.

  9. This ring is the real deal, at least in the sense that there was a ring which signified the highest seat of power. After it went missing alternate pieces became official symbols. Don’t think that just because you haven’t “heard” about something within the mob that it can’t exist. There are many things that will never be known because all the REAL guys are long gone. Ways and rituals have been altered and changed to suit the times and the real tradition of the Mafia has long since passed away. Yes, there are a hand full of old timers around and they know about the old ways.

  10. I’ve yet to find anything like it in my research; however these individuals were not born and raised to Italian American parents. These were immigrants and the old ways were respected and traditions were something that we still can not claim to understand or know everything about. There would be no doubt that there is some object that denotes the authority of a boss within the family. This object would not be something public that he would have on him or carry around with him. A ring, perhaps and as to the quality of the object, it would be very old and have significance only to those privy to having seen it and its known history. To say it would be intricate and immaculate is simply unrealistic. If you have ever seen rings worn by the Pharaoh’s or gold jewelry made even 200 years ago, it looks very much like this. Who is to say this was not brought from Sicily and passed down several times before Lucky.

  11. Lucky Luciano would have never worn the ring. The ring had a great signification of being the boss. It was against his own feelings of marketing or showcasing his number one position to other high-level members. More likely the ring may have been worn by the last traditional bosses; either Joe Massero or Marzano, who were both executed by the new regime.

  12. I agree. Something like that would be more fitting at a special meeting of the Five Familes or for ceremony (i.e. making a made man). Sort of like when the Pope wears certain rings for certain events. Plus it’s symbolism. You know, the left hand of God? Plus there was a rumor about how Andy Garcia supposedly wore Luciano’s ring for the Film Hoodlum with the blessing’s of a “very good friend” of Charlie. Then there is this

    I think there are two rings. One for ceremony (the one above) and the one in those pictures for first impressions.

    But for what it’s worth, him being a pimp is crap. They just labeled him as one since he was charged that way. And those charges were made by an irate madame when she was feeling the pinch. Narcotics, yes. Booze, definately. Gambling and racketeering, sure. But never a pimp personally. I can’t say the same for his more “enterprizing” associates, though.

  13. If luciano didnt want anyone to know about the ring due to fighting which was always common in those families than he wouldnt have let them know it existed or would have a duplicate made

  14. Alright here’s the deal. It’s a ring. There is a story that goes with the ring. There is no proof that the story is truth. There is no physical evidence the ring belongs to anyone. That said…Rick is a frickin prick who gouges people out of priceless artifacts. His opinion is bunk. I personally feel that if family exists, they should be consulted regarding the ring. If that fails, so does the ring. #pow

  15. i have seen rings on his fingers but not able to make out if it was that particular ring. Im sure he had plenty rings. It for sure is a real ring, but to say it is luckys one may never know.

  16. Lucky Luciano was not old school mafia, He was Americanized and was one of the first to work with other criminal organization’s like the Jewish mobsters, Meyer Lansky & Lepke Bucholter, it is said that He wanted to do away with the old rituals of the mustache pete’s , but Lansky advised Him to keep them, so as to give the Soldiers some sort of feeling of belonging to a family, I highly doubt that Charley Luciano would where anything but modern rings of the time, more likely Diamond, I believe the ring brought to the Pawn shop was more like something a warlock would wear, If that was a ring of any real value, Lucky would not have given it up, or He would have pawned it Himself…

  17. Luciano was only known to wear one ruby signet rine in the shape of an eye, it was worn n his little finger of the left hand which was his Champagne glass hand.
    He wasn’t known to wear any other rings, and didn’t have a passion for gold, however he was known for presenting gold as gifts.
    He may have had a gold collection but certainly at his death there were none in his possesion

  18. I’m very pleased this particular post has received such attention and debate. Although I did not address this “mystery” in my next book release – Lucky Luciano – I wanted to throw this out there… It appears Luciano was wearing a ring, of some sort, on his right pinky finger – in the police lineup photo of 1926 (with Ed Diamond, Legs Diamond, Fatty Walsh). Interesting?

  19. And… I have acquired a couple photos that actually picture Luciano with pinky rings on. I will be posting such photos on my new book’s website, so everyone can debate on that too. However, It is difficult to say, but I don’t think either ring looks like the one from this article!

  20. the ring is cool, but does anyone know where the gold lighter inscribed “To Lucky from your friend Frank Sinatra” is these days?

  21. If the ring is real it would be priceless there should be some sort of way to tie the guys mom with the mob family as a trusted protector. It very well could be real but the only way to actually know for sure is to find good photo evidence or at least tie the woman to the mob. The guy seemed sincere but his mom could have told him a story he simply below ever as true too. Be interesting to know for sure.

  22. Fuck the mob there about as big a deal as a bunch of punk kids on a street corner . The feds made sure of that an with good reason . No fukin italian immigrant assholes gona come over an think there gona own the u.s. eat shit

  23. this is such a load of bs! Mafia don’t go to war over a ring! really the fatso says there will be blood over a ring? Ya right! THE WHOLE STORY IS BS FROM A FAT IMBECILE AND I CAN’T BELIEVE SO MANY MORONS MAY BELIEVE THE FAT ASS!

    • What a rude comment. I am that fat imbecile. I have never lied about the story. I know it sound false but I lived with my mom and her association with the mob was part of my young life first hand.
      I am attempting to find any provenance and if I do I will return to Pawn Stars and show Mr. Rich that I am not a teller of tall tales.


    • Why attack me. If I can prove the ring is a real piece connected to Lucky Luciano it is worth at least $225000, Help me find provenance and there is real value if you are truly a mob expert I’d welcome the help.

  25. I have taken a close look at this was not made in the US. It was handed down to lucky in Italy. Many rings of this sort were made there. If u look at any wise guys right hand they always ware a pinky ring with maybe a blk stone like the one I ware. Luckys ring just happened to be that one.all wise guys trade jewelry at meetings of all bosses. the ring could have been the ownner of another boss at that tiime

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  27. This may be an old story, last reply was in 2015.

    Let me set something straight for yous guys. No matter what the imagination brings from certain people, I’m going to give you the truth.
    There is no one specific ring worn by a Don (Godfather), gold or silver, diamond or other stone.
    It does not matter which hand it is worn on, it is preference. It shows nothing of power on whether it is right or left. (Although on the left without a wedding band is popular, while on the right if married.) The necklace with the ‘lucky horn’ or crucifix, and Figaro style bracelet is very common along with a pinky ring. Mustaches are now more ‘tolerated’ than years gone by, but looking neat is the point. Another thing about ‘no identifying characteristics allowed’ (anything to make you ‘identifiable’ has gone by with the times also. Tattoos are now more popular and not having one would make you ‘more identifiable’ in these later days. There has been a lot of the…what you call ‘old school’ ways that have been changed as have the times. It started off with gambling, prostitution, protection, unions and prohibition. Now you must figure in the marijuana, then the cocaine, and heroin..along with whatever comes that makes money for the family. I still believe that when an associate gets pinched for drugs and faces a lengthy prison term, that he will turn rat and is what needs to be dealt with, not whether you have a certain ring or whatever piece of jewelry, clothing or nothing else. There is so much the soldiers are not even allowed to know, yet everybody seems to be an expert on something that has been part of ‘the family’ for generations. I said too much, but felt that something needed to be cleared up about the way things are done so as we don’t get no ‘wannabes’ messing up our reputation of helpful to all community aid, just as uncle Al Capone did with the soup kitchens. You want to know what the life is all about, faghettaboudit…It ain’t for you.

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