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MafiaLife Mob Candy Featured Pinup Model Emily Virginia and Her Inspiring Story

As usual, we set out to look for our next Candy feature, and kept it within the pinup world. It was not hard to stop looking once we met Emily Virginia. During our interview we learned stuff about her that truly inspired us to tell her story. We will sum it up for you, and leave it up to you to reach out to her if you are looking to hire an amazing model, and support her on social media to stay updated with her work.

In some of her own words during our interview:

“What inspired me to be a pinup model would be growing up a bigger girl, I always wanted to be that pretty woman that you would see in older movies, pretty with a bit of an edge. Who doesn’t grow up wanting to be someone else?

I’ve been doing modeling a little bit over a year now. I kind of fell into modeling accidentally. One day I jokingly said to a model a knew, “if you ever do a shoot and they need an extra I’ll go” never thinking anything would come from it. I Guess I just got lucky.

The message that I would tell anyone is that you have to be happy with yourself first, the rest falls into place. In the past 10 years I went from the geeky overweight nerd on the yearbook staff, to having a weight loss surgery, losing over 200 pounds, and having found my purpose in life. Many irons in the fire so to speak
I have a modeling Facebook page; Emily Virginia Model Page. I also am working as a photographer, small portfolio so far, doing everything from babies to wedding; Emily Coco Photography
I spend what spare time i do have between taking care of my parents, working on becoming a scuba dive master, kayaking and nature photography. Three things I like would be honesty, water, and seafood. Three dislikes; Dishonesty, stupidity, and laziness. I’m pretty easy to get along with and have a very random personality”

It was a pleasure working with Emily Virginia. Looking forward to following her career, and working with her again someday.

For many more pics of Emily, go to her Facebook Model Page here.

Photography Credit: Jerry at Forever Bold Photography


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  1. I would like to emily has accomplished so much. I know her personally and I went to school with her. I remember her struggling with her weight she is a great friend and is has inspired many people including me. I too hope to be come a model and follow in her foot steps. I support you in all you do

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