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Mafioso Underworld Strategy Card Game Review by MafiaLife Blog

I grew up on dungeons and dragons. After some time, I mastered the MMORPG’s. Then, I designed my own Fantasy Mafia MMORPG. When the magic came out, a friend of mine opened a card collectible store, and it also had a place to sit and play the baseball, pokimon, magic, or other strategy card games. Even ran tournaments for cash or prizes. This hobby consumed my spare time from 18-28, when I wasn’t playing basketball or with my girlfriends.

The reason I created my game was because it was time the dungeons and dragons theme met the new cool theme called mafia. And it hit the spot for hundreds of thousands of fans at some point. Thats why I know this Mafioso Underworld Strategy Card Game is going to take off. The card game and collectible industry is still hot. And the mafia theme is even hotter. Who wouldn’t want to make a drinking game out of it, while spending time during a Mob Wives tv night, or Godfather marathon. And, that is what i did. Sat down and played Mafioso with 3 of my friends, smoked cigars, gambled on the winner, and drank every time you had to throw a card into the whack pile.

Wiseguy cards, modify cards, rolling dice to make hits, rats ruining your hand, active crews, racket cards, and the winner being the crew with the biggest total weekly take. All in a card game? Now, that is my kind of game. Add the alcohol, friends, and some mob movies, and the night was a ‘hit’. Overall, I am giving Mafioso The Underworld Strategy Card Game a rating of 5 Pinky Rings. And it has nothing to do with me winning 1,000 bucks off my friend Vinny.

Grab yourself a copy of this game on Amazon, by clicking this Mafioso Card Game link, and let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below this article.


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