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Mob Candy Magazine: Karen Gravano

That’s right folks, another mob wife on the cover of the magazine, and there’s a big punch to this one. Not too long after I spoke to Jenn Graziano about her sister doing the cover, The Mob Candy Magazine got a call from VH1. “We want to film you guys photo shooting a mob wife”.

Since we just got off the horn with Jenn about Renee, we assumed it was the shoot with Renee. When inquiring about details, they followed up… “NO, we want to film you shooting Karen Gravano for VH1′s Mob Wives”.

Of course we were excited to put Karen Gravano on the cover of our magazine. Her background left us with tons of questions, and fans were always sending in stuff  about her so called “rat dad”.  This was our chance to ask her the tough ones, and on TV too.  So, i pooled up all of the questions that nobody else would have the balls to ask Sammy The Bull’s daughter to her face, and did just that. I asked her them, while VH1 taped us.

Timed perfectly, with the release of her brand new book ‘Mob Daughter‘  (which my father in law said was great!), and the launch of our new facebook game MafiaLife, we also release her Mob Candy Magazine cover. Get yourself a copy now by going to the Mob Candy Website. And, see for yourself how she reacted to our tough questions. The photo spread also shows a side of Karen, that is not shown on the TV screen. Go grab your copy now.


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  1. Yes, I’m happy for her too! I think what I especially love about her is the fact that she comes across as a real person, nothing phony or stuck up about her. She keeps it real. It’s like, what you see is what you get and she doesn’t try to sugar coat it for anyone’s benefit. When she and Renee got into the verbal brawl when after Karen returned to Staten Island from Arizona, and then after the fact she went to see Renee after Junior got busted, I totally respected her for that. I mean, how many people would do that these days? Too many people holding onto grudges over the most trivial shyt. Sure hope Karen comes to L.A. for her book signing. She’s just too cool for words!

  2. I love Karen. She is real and sticks to her beliefs. We are who we are and we are responsible only for our thoughts and actions. Karen, great book. You are always there for your friends. So I would love to meet you all one day! Sharon, from the NC Mountains

  3. I am trying to find out about my father and his “past”. Although we are from Durham, NC. And not the north, his behavior and friends are a mystery. He died in 2004 and left me with a lot of questions. I have no clue how to start. He made trips to Vegas, LA, all over Jersey, Philly, Miami, Atlanta. I have other info., but I do not want to write it down. CAN KAREN HELP ME? Sharon Gales

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