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Renee Graziano: Mob Wife to Mob Cover Model

If you watch ‘Mob Wives’ on VH1, then you know what the world has seen of Renee Graziano. Renee Graziano is the daughter of Anthony Graziano, who according to the Federal Government was a high ranking member of La Cosa Nostra. She grew up during the heyday of the mob — when things still fell off trucks.

Thanks to her friends, and watching many of her loved ones go to jail, including her father, she is slowly starting to realize that this is not a life she wants her son to lead. She struggles to balance her allegiance to the street life with her hopes that her son will live a life free of it all.

But, we all know that stuff from VH1’s website, and from watching the show. This mob wife is now a mob cover model. What you do not know is what Mob Candy Magazine has learned about her. The next Mob Candy Magazine issue 7 volume 1 (The Renee Issue) will reveal a sneak look at her new body, some never expected to see photos of her, and an in depth look inside the mob mind of this powerful mob wife.

The magazine will be in stores some time during the next season of Mob Wives, which we are told will be starting January 1st. You do not want to miss this season. it’s going to out mob last season for sure. Check out the super trailer, it says it all:

You can pre-order the magazine RIGHT NOW at, and get a special treat for the holidays. Renee Graziano herself will be autographing the pre-ordered copies of the magazine, and I will also be handing them out on my twitter and facebook account. Follow me at , and/or ‘like’ me on facebook at and be ready. I’ll be doing easy Mob Wives trivia, and giving away free copies. Don’t want to do the social media thing?  Then just subscribe to the Mafialife e-mailing list here, and every episode, I will be handing them out to random subscribers.


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  3. Queen Renee look stunning in this picture! iKnow i preordered mines even though Renee was going to send me one! Love all that you do MafiaLifeChris & cant wait to see more ideas blossom between u & my girl Renee! Keep up the good work. Cant wait to read the magazine!

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  6. Renee’ I hope you read this! I just love, love, love you! You and Big Ang are my favorite wives on the show! You look really good! Don’t hurt no body with that new body! Lol! I just wanted to show my love for you and the show! The life that you guys had and have now I am experiencing the same drama! My loved ones in and out of jail. So I know the drama very well! I would love to meet you all and party with every last one of you!
    You all Kick ASS!!! I Fucking Love it!!!

  7. Renee , I wish you good health and happiness, your my favorite . Wish I had a friend like you, I don’t trust anyone. I wouldn’t have that problem with you. Your a straight shooter. I grew up in a small town full of Italians, I know two facts never cross one and there the most close loving families ever. Ever

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