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Newly Released Carnage Cigar Reviewed By MafiaLife

It was a foggy day, but a day my allergies were not acting up. Clear nasal passages has me fiending for a stick all day at work. I relax in my car as usual when the day is done, and prepare a nice stick.

It was a rainy night. Just ate chicken scarpiello from on of my favorite italian spots. Christmas music to get my mind off the days bullshit. Lite FM usually does it. Just opened a fresh sampler of a famous best of new releases. Starting w carnage.

Punched it, as usual. The stick lit quick, and burned even at first. Draw is nice, and the taste was rich in flavor. Tight roll and pulling easy for the first 10 minutes. Ash is sexy as fuck. It has a medium body rich flavor. A nice woodsy with a hint of spicy, with a smooth after taste. But, not quite peppery. Just right.

My mouth is filled with a relaxing smoke and the car is smelling nice. Tail end of stick got more woodsy. Not a harsh wood, but a slight caramelized woodsy flavor. Loving it. Great cigar. Really enjoyable. Smoked to the nub in one sitting, and maintained a low spicey medium body. Definitely buying more of these from Famous Smoke Shop.

Exclusively a Famous Smoke Shop cigar, from a blending mastermind, Nestor Plasencia. According to Famous Smoke Shop the Carnage cigar uses a mixture of Nicaraguan seco, viso, and ligero fillers for an exquisite balance of strength and flavor, a Honduran Connecticut binder for a perfect burn, and a flavorful Habano wrapper.

MafiaLife Rating Score:


Appearance: 80

Construction- 90

Flavor- 88

Overall Rating- 87


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