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Pinar Del Rio Exclusivo Reserva Limitada MafiaLife Cigar Review

Atmosphere: Started this gem at work, on my coffee break at work. Sitting in my garbage truck, and my partner tells me that shit smells good bro. I agreed. I could only smoke a fourth of it, and I had to gwt back to work. I finished it off, in my yard, with the mosquitos and sounds of passing planes flying low..

Light and Burn: The second time I lit this stick up it was harder to keep burning even, but the first quater of it was perfectly smoking like a champ. It did not effect the flavor though. Both times were just as good. Reserva Limitada is Pinar del Rio’s cigar, made with eight different tobacco varieties to generate a wealth of satisfying, complex flavors that intensify throughout the burn. It has a dark Dominican Habano wrapper and a strong leaf literally saturated with oils. Nicaraguan tobaccos from Jalapa and Esteli combined with Dominican Criollo ’98, Dominican Corojo, and a rare Dominican leaf known as Negrita Canca Habano.

Flavor: Let me throw some honest tastes out there. Dark coffee, spicy pepper, and some black tobacco leaf. The spice stayed in your mouth as an after taste. It was medium to full stick, and the wrap tasted and smelt like leather. I drank water with it, because I enjoyed the hardcore flavor and did not want to fuck with my pallette. I would definately buy again.

MafiaLife Rating Score:


Appearance- 99

Construction- 99

Flavor- 96

Overall Rating- 97

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