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Pinup Model Cherry Belle, and her Belles Celebrate Real Beauty Of All Shapes And Sizes

We here at MafiaLife believe that standing up and accepting realism, regardless of the pressure you get to confine to a specific standard to fit in, is pure gangster. In our candy section, we will introduce people who send a powerful message, and who exhibit the courage to be strong as themselves. Today we bring to you Cherry Belle. Please allow her to introduce herself, and please support her:

“My name is Cherry Belle and I’m a published pinup model from south Louisiana. I’ve been modeling for 5 years and have formed my own group of models that are now like a family to me. My group, Cherry’s Belles, are women of many shapes, sizes, and ages that support each other in our personal lives, as well as, our modeling endeavors. Cherry’s Belles also hope to inspire women all over the world. We believe that beauty comes in many forms and that all women should embrace and celebrate their beauty. Through my photos I hope to encourage other women to love themselves exactly the way they are. Today’s standards of beauty are unrealistic and I am hoping to change that!

 Aside from photo shoots, the Belles and I strive to give back to our community as often as possible. Over the past year we have participated in fundraising and awareness events for several nonprofit organizations including Brittany’s Project, Heels for Combat Boots, Healing House of Acadiana, Bon Temps Ferret Rescue, and The Food Bank of Central Louisiana. October 24th we will be teaming up with Rat Rods United to host our very first Rat Rod Build Off here in Lafayette, LA. All proceeds will be divided between Heels for Combat Boots and Healing House of Acadiana.  Anyone can participate and we have several categories to ensure that everyone’s build will be judged fairly.”

For more information on the build off you can visit or


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