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Reviewing Mark Silverman’s Rogue Mob Story

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY most likely you are going to hear the word mafia. And many times you will hear a friend, or family member, or random person say they know someone in the mafia. You may have even heard stories about what x mobster said or did with x,y,and z mobster. You read about it in the news. You watched it on TV. And, you may have witnessed them in your own very backyard, at a local café or restaurant. If you follow the mafia enthusiasms you learn that most of the people involved in that life end up in jail, or in a body bag. Very seldom have you heard of a guy who made it out alive. This month I read a book about one particular guy who got out, and lived to write a book about it.

Rogue Mobster was a really thick book. I was hesitant to read it all, because I am a slow reader, and have a terrible short term memory. By the time I get to about chapter 10, chapter 1 becomes a blur. And, I always intend on writing a review, and blog article. I want it to be fresh in my mind. But, this time my mom was right. She said I had convenient amnesia, and it was amazing how all of a sudden whenever I grew interested and passionate about something, I can remember whatever I want. It did not matter that this book was 30 chapters long. It kept my mind on the story.

Because the truth is, the author Mark Silverman’s story was sharply detailed and exciting. He broke down his thoughts as he made every move through the ranks of the life. From the winter hill gang, to the New England and Boston mafia and renegade crews, and how he pretty much played his cards to make his bones, and to keep food on his table. And, the power trip was real. You learn all about how power, sex, cash, and the fire to keep moving up could turn family, best friends, and even lovers against one another.

The entire gangster scene build up, the players involved in the wars to struggle for the spot at the top. His reign as what a reporter would call ‘the Whitey Bulger of his crew’ and how each and every family, crew, renegade and la cosa nostra came crumbling down one by one around him. And, how the feds grew smarter as technology allowed them to take control over playing them all against one another.

The love of his best friend’s side chick. The botched hit that almost killed him. The bosses who tested his loyalty daily. The friends who turned him assuming he was a rat. And how he walked away from it all ready to be the next one hit in a line of murders and take downs.
I give this book 10 out of 10 pinky rings. One of the best, but longest books I have read in the True Crime category. It bleeds the true meaning of True Crime. Click here to grab your copy now. You will not regret it.


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