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Publisher of Mob Candy Frank DiMatteo Pens Life Story w/ Gallo Crew

Below you can read some of the introduction to Frank DiMatteo’s new book “The Lion In The Basement”, coming winter of 2014: I guess you can say each person has a choice of which road to follow in life, sometimes you don’t have the power to make that choice. In my case, life came at […]


[Prize Pack Giveaway] “The Family” Movie W/ Robert De Niro 8/13/13

I know I’m not the only one who is dying to see De Niro’s newest role in the movie ‘The Family’. Seeing Pfeiffer, Agron, and Tommy Lee Jones just adds to the excitement. Im certainly going to review the movie when I go see it. And what blog better to discuss a Mob themed comedy, […]


Unsolved Cop Case Witness Massino Has Memory Lapse

Turncoat Don, Joe Massino may get a chance to convince a jury to convict Colombo consigliere Joel Waverly of murdering a long time friend of my family, and police officer Ralph Dols. Prosecutors are asking him to testify about a conversation he had with Joel in prison about the murder. The last time he was […]