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Mob History: Kiss of Death Girl & The Murder Inc. Connection

There have been a number of femme fatale so dubbed a “Kiss of Death” girl.  Lois Hardy in Nevada, Mary Margaret Collins in gangland Chicago, and Viola Morin from Pittsburgh are a few early twentieth century examples. This overview, however,  will profile one in particular – a Brooklyn beauty who was, over time, close and comfy with [...]


Mob History: The Hits & Misses of Murder Inc. Part 2- Paying the Piper

In part 2 of our Murder Inc. overview… the roles of members are exposed, trials take place, in-court antics ensue and it’s time to pay up for dirty deeds. Beginning with the man who sang like a bird, but had no such luck when it came to flying out a hotel window.  Kid Twist certainly [...]


Mob History: The Hits & Misses of Murder Inc. Part 1 – Necessary Evil

Much information regarding today’s topic is available via archived newspapers, police records of the time, and a few highly-detailed books . This column will serve as a little cheat sheet of sorts, giving an overview of the notorious Murder Inc., the major players, and sensational – at times very bizarre – trials and outcomes. Part [...]