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Torrea del Sale 2014 Sangiovese Puglia Wine Review

Who doesn’t have wine with food? Maybe someone from another planet. Or maybe someone who just does not know how to live yet. Well, MafiaLife knows exactly how to live. A nice bottle of wine with a loved one or friend can go along way towards satisfaction. And what better than to find a nice red that is less than 10 bucks. Below is one we found that lived up to the review we read on the web.

Torrea del Sale 2014 Sangiovese, Puglia

Ruby color. Aromas of black raspberry, currant, vanilla, and black pepper with a soft, vibrant, dry medium-to-full body and a warming, complex, medium-long black cherry, plum, blackberry, and leather finish with medium tannins and moderate oak. This deep violet red manages to balance decadent amounts of dark fruit with just enough tannins, acidity and spice to keep everything in check and have you coming back for more and more and more.

2015 World Value Wine Challenge-Top 10 Red Wine $10 and Under’

RATING: 92 points (Exceptional)

CATEGORY: Sangiovese, Red

Tastings dot com has noted the following US importer for this wine:

Alma Wines
2100 Salzedo Street, Suite 303
Miami FL 33134
Ph. (305) 3350667


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