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Vudu Priest at Famous Cigar Shop Blew Me Away

Tired of keeping to a basic format when reviewing these cigars. I have come to the conclusion, that cigar smokers do not give a fuck about how neat and organized your review format is. They care about the description of the cigar, that’s it. Here is the truth about Famous Cigar Shop’so new Vudu Priest release, from my nose, mouth, and throat, to your eyes.
They say this is supposed to be a medium bodied smoke, but I found it to linger into some bold areas for a bit towards the middle of smoke. Yes, it started and ended up a medium, but I did taste a nice strong dark roasted blend of Ecuadorian tobacco a bit. Yet, the flavor stayed consistently smooth.
The Vudu Priest was rolled semi loose, and squeezable. It lit up nice, and stayed burning evenly in the cold winter of Brooklyn NY. The ash stayed whole, and didn’t fall until about 2 inches. Stayed even the entire cigar, and the cherry stayed lit, even while it laid in the ashtray for a 5 minute piss break.
Some of the flavors I experienced while smoking this Vudu Priest were creamy nutmeg, and a medium but smooth greenery taste. The label is real attractive, and for the price of 4-5 bucks with a discount at Famous it was extremely affordable. I am definitely buying.
Vudu Priest cigars are available in four sizes: No. 13, a 5 1/2 x 46 “Cuban Corona”, No. 3, a 4 3/4 x 50 “Natural Robusto”, No. 7, a 3/4 x 50 “Natural Toro” and No. 9, a 6 3/4 x 50 “Natural Churchill”. The MSRP ranges from USD 3.80 to USD 5.15 per cigar.

Famous Smoke Shop announced the release of the third line in their exclusive Vudu cigar brand. Vudu Priest is now available and on sale at Famous Smoke Shop through their online store and at their Easton, PA location. The first shipment has arrived at the company’s warehouse last week, a press release states. The company has expressed that the new brand will be available in limited quantities, but is not a one-time release and will be a consistent offering for the foreseeable future.

Like Vudu Dark and Vudu Sacrifice, the other lines of the brand, Vudu Priest cigars have been blended and produced by J. Fuego in Honduras. The company describes the blend as medium-bodied but bold and complex, featuring an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Aside from the Corona, the cigars come in a reusable vacuum sealed humidification jar.


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